The "Turkey Makes You Sleepy" Tryptophan Myth

Every Thanksgiving someone has to make a remark about how eating too much turkey makes them sleepy and someone says "It's because of the Tryptophan!" I'm getting tired of this bullshit. Studies say there is no more Tryptophan in turkey than any other meat normally consumed by humans. Even if there were, when was the last time you saw a turkey sleeping? Don't you think you'd be sleeping a lot if you were MADE of Tryptophan? The fact of the matter is you're sleepy on Thanksgiving because you just ate way too much food and it's approaching the EVENING which is usually when humans begin to feel drowsy as they prepare for the daily act of "sleep". Also, I'm pretty sure the fifth of whiskey you drank isn't helping, Uncle Steve. If turkey really makes you fall asleep then why aren't insomniacs prescribed BUTTERBALL? Because it's all bullshit, that's why.

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  1. DO NOT FORGET - EVER! Brussels sprouts are nature's turds.