Idaho Zoo Burglar Kills Monkey

The man in Idaho accused of breaking into a zoo and beating a monkey to death has been arrested and is now facing felony burglary and grand theft charges. How is he not being charged for the murder of the monkey? Are you fucking kidding me? This man caused fatal blunt force trauma to a patas monkey and he's just going to skate on that charge? The zoo claims that the loss of the monkey is hitting everyone there pretty hard, but I've yet to read an article where the monkey's name is stated. Are they keeping it secret until the monkey's family and next of kin are notified? No I think they just never gave it a name and now that it's dead they're trying to act all outraged, but they aren't pressing charges because they really never gave a shit. That's just fucked up. Maybe it's that type of indifference that allowed this break-in and murder to begin with! Where is the accountability? And what is being done to prevent this in the future? I want answers and not for me, but for the family and loved ones of this unnamed monkey who I will name Tragic Jeffrey. Rest in peace Jeffrey, my sweet prince.

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