Can Hollywood Cool It With The Zombies Already?

"World War Z" is the next big zombie movie coming out and according to Wikipedia, roughly 570 zombie films have been made during the course of human history. Since zombie movies are a genre within the genre of horror, 570 zombie movies is basically the same thing as 570 "Terminator" movies which is ridiculous. There have been like eight "Saw" movies and everyone knows that's wrong so why is 570 zombie movies okay? Even the "Scary Movie" people knew when to take a break.

It seems like people flock to zombie movies the same way actual zombies go toward brains. Maybe if Hollywood had more brains they could come up with different concepts so people wouldn't be subjected to the same idea over and over again. Ultimately the success of zombie films is a reflection of how society itself is becoming zombified. The masses are becoming more and more numb to stimulus the way zombies can't feel pain, but instead of eating people we consume the latest tech gadget. We love zombie movies because it's like looking into the future at a world we subconsciously know is coming. We want to prepare for it mentally so it's not as much of a shock. Maybe there will be zombies, but odds are they'll be the bath salts kind that can run fast and look just like regular ol' crackheads. Unfortunately, there's no way to prepare for that. If we continue down this path of repetitive and trite behavior becoming zombies is inevitable. I wonder then when we're all zombies, will we make way too many movies about normal people?

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