Can Steroids Help You Beat Cancer?

My Livestrong Bracelet collection
The one thing I took from the whole Lance Armstrong doping scandal was that maybe steroids or bicycle steroids can help a person defeat and/or recover from Cancer. Has this been studied? I don't know. If it hasn't they should probably get on that. But odds are they'll study some shit like how Cialis affects gerbils or something useless as usual. Let me cut through the mystery right now, IT GIVES THEM BONERS. There! Now go give the Lance Armstrong Special to someone with testicle cancer and see if it works, it did for Lance. A lot is made of how Lance Armstrong is a disgrace and a piece of shit for disgracing a sport that no one gives a rat's ass about and while that might be true, if his asshole cheating behavior turns out to prove a new method of cancer treatment I think that might be enough to repair his reputation.

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