Shocking Heart Disease Warning Signs

Some medical study claims that people with calves smaller than 13 inches in circumference are at higher risk to develop Heart Disease. This must be a big relief for all the obese people out there whose calves are WAYYYY bigger than 13 inches around. Seriously, who did this study? What are you fucking stupid? I'm pretty sure someone with 50 inch calves that merge right into the foot without any ankle in between is at higher risk of heart problems than someone with 10 inch calves. What is the medical reason for this anyway? The same study said if you have a diagonal crease in your earlobe you're also at high risk for heart disease, but most people with creased, wrinkled earlobes are old as fuck and already at a fairly high risk for heart disease. Another sign of increased risk of heart disease they mentioned was clubbed fingernails. Let me tell you something, if you have fingernails that look like this:

  and you don't know something's wrong and aren't seeing a doctor already then fuck it, you're dead already.

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