The News is Bullshit

First we heard the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was about an anti-Muslim YouTube video and then we found out that's not true. Then we heard that Hostess was going out of business and were later told it was going to be saved, but then found out it actually IS going out of business. Then we heard out the man who voices Elmo had raped a child. We later were told the charges were dropped, but that was bullshit because he actually did rape. Now we hear that Israel and Hamas are close to reaching a cease fire and they still haven't. It seems like every single news story out there right now is something that could be found out to be the complete opposite within an hour and no one would see it coming. News never used to be like that, either someone was dead or they weren't.

These days the news wants to report on the hottest topics that will get people's attention like gossip and those stories tend to be fluid. One day Christina Aguilera is bulimic, the next she's way too fat. That's all well and good for entertainment news where none of that shit actually matters, but when you're reporting about Hostess cupcakes I think you owe it to the world to show a little more respect for the FACTS and stop coming right out of the gate proclaiming bankruptcy then saying OH but wait they could still negotiate something, and then oh no it didn't work out sorry to get your hopes up! Well I got my hopes up! And now I'm crying tears of melted butter AGAIN for the second time in a fucking week because of this roller coaster news cycle that tries to make a fortune from twisting people around like nipples. If I want a roller coaster ride, I'll go on the Mad Tea Party at Disneyland, asshole! The news knew all along that Hostess was going to have final negotiations to try and fix their situation, but they wouldn't report that because they wanted the shock factor of Hostess going out of business. Then when that shock dissipated they brought the story back like a movie sequel and now that Hostess is out of business they got three news stories out of one actual event. And who knows, maybe Hostess isn't actually gone. Who the hell knows anymore?! It's all full of crap. With news being a commodity we should be getting used to purposely withheld facts and rationing of information. A TV series won't tell you the entire plot in one episode, they'll stretch it out for as long as they can as long as the ratings stay high.

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