Amendment 64 and Investing in Legalized Weed

Maybe nebulas are just God's farts...
As we all know, Amendment 64 is the government thing where people get legal weed in Colorado. I support this and I don't even smoke weed, I prefer to take my marijuana in a tea which I then turn into a soothing morning enema. Even if you are against marijuana and think it's the plant of the devil you have to admit the fact the Amendment was number 64 and people love to get high and play Nintendo 64 is pretty cool, that's a sign of some sort. Then the fact it was passed in Colorado where people are high all year round based on geographic altitude alone is just plain silly. There's just too much to laugh about at once even while sober. But why should you support legalized marijuana? To get rich of course!

Obviously if marijuana is legalized all across America the snack food and fast food industries are going to have unprecedented growth and success. This is a GREAT opportunity to start turning your own personal finances around by investing in companies like Frito-Lay and McDonald's, Marvel Comics, Cartoon Network, Mars Chocolate, and people who make nature documentaries, marine biology, astronomy, etc.

If getting rich isn't good enough for you then of course there are all the tax dollars. Even if you hate weed and potheads, you have to be in support of taxing the shit out of marijuana because that's tax money that doesn't have to come out of your wallet. Also, legalizing weed will probably threaten the business of a lot of drug dealers out there so if you're some holy crusader then that has to be a positive. We are currently getting 99% of our drugs through the government, why not some good ones for a change? So in conclusion, fuck I forgot what I was even talking about.

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