Are Earthquakes Happening More Frequently?

Decades ago, you never used to hear about that many earthquakes occurring, but these days there's a new one in the news every week! When this is brought up, most geologists say the number of earthquakes we're experiencing is perfectly average because we get thousands of earthquakes every day they're just small so we don't have to worry about them. My theory is that we may be getting around the same number of earthquakes, but they're gaining in magnitude. I looked it up on Wikipedia and what I found was startling.

Here are the cases of major earthquakes in the 1970's

So that's 7 notable earthquakes in 4 years. The 1973 page had NONE. What happens when we take a look at a more recent year like 2010?

That's like a hundred in six months. There's no way that's a coincidence. The only way you could dispute these findings is by saying people didn't care as much about earthquakes in the 70's, but THEY WERE EARTHQUAKES! People have always cared about earthquakes. You don't feel the entire ground shake under your feet and go "Oh, that was interesting" then act like it didn't happen, you write it down! Now we know there are way more powerful quakes occurring. The question becomes why? And how can we survive when the next one makes Richter himself shit his pants.

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