Why Do Some People Love Spicy Food?

A lot of people enjoy eating really spicy foods while others don't understand why. I mean if you want your tongue to feel like it's on fire why not just lick a stove burner? Why not let someone light a fart into your mouth? Well, scientists and other experts have been wondering the same exact thing and they've come up with a few theories. People at the Cornell Medical Institute have claimed that people desire spicy foods because foods with spicy properties tend to be more healthy and so humans have evolved to desire the spicy food experience. Some psychologists think the need to feel pain is part of a masochistic desire and that's certainly a valid point considering spicy foods can be painful on the way in AND on the way out, but if that's true then every person in Thailand would be a sadomasochist and I wouldn't have spent that winter in a Phuket prison.

Well it certainly can't be the taste because hot enough peppers will burn your tongue so bad you could eat a bowl of shit and not know it. (Perhaps how they prep for German porn?) So I'll say the reason people eat spicy foods is the same reason I do, because it liquifies your sinuses and drains your entire skull of old mucus. That may actually be the reason scientists say spicy foods are so good for you, they help you shed the coat of boogers on your brain and let a fresh one grow. That sounds about right.

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