"Boy Meets World" Sequel "Girl Meets World"

Turns out Cory and Topanga had unprotected sex and made a daughter. Now the daughter has a new show on the TGIF lineup called "Girl Meets World". A lot of people are glad this show is being made, but I'm not. I remember when Cory and Topanga were 5-years-old and now I'm watching them raise a kid? If I wanted that experience I could just give a shit about my friends' kids, but I don't because they're stupid. I'm not even sure why sitcoms still exist. The "Two and a Half Men" kid recently said his own show is garbage and I'm surprised he didn't go on naming more shows. I think there have been enough sitcom episodes made in the 80's and 90's to last a lifetime without producers reviving old series. So first "Boy Meets World" then twenty years later "Girl Meets World", what's next in another twenty years? "Tranny Meets World"? I bet that's what's going to happen. Cory and Topanga's daughter is going to go through gender identification issues and start taking testosterone because she thinks she's a man. That's going to be great for the kids to watch!

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