Nature Valley Granola Bar Complaints

Indestructible wrapper for your protection
Nature Valley granola bars taste good, but some other things about them stand out. First, the box says 12 bars, but each actual package contains 2 bars. I'm guessing the reason for this is because if those two bars were connected as one, it would be impossible to bite into unless you were Jaws (the shark OR the James Bond villain). Nature Valley probably came across this issue early in their development and decided to split the one thick inedible bar into two thin ass "bars". If you've seen these things they shouldn't be called "bars" they're more like "slats". So one piece is considered two despite the fact two is the serving size and just eating one would not be enough of a snack even for an anorexic midget.

The second huge issue I take umbrage with is the wrapper. For a company with "Nature" as the first word in the title, the wrapper that each two bars comes in is made out of the most NON-biodegradable material I have ever seen. There is no way you can bury that under dirt and it would ever even begin to deteriorate. The Nature Valley wrapper seems unnecessarily thick for what it's protecting: two thin bricks that probably wouldn't shatter if there was no protection at all. Surely they could use some sort of recycled paper based material to wrap their product. It's hypocritical and disturbing, especially when you see commercials where someone's enjoying one of their bars on a mountain top or valley. On the back of the box they show testimonials of people who eat their bars on hiking trails and while kayaking. Yeah just toss that wrapper out and let a deer eat it and die of bowel obstruction complications. That's a great way to get back to nature! Throw in the fact that not all of the ingredients are actually natural and this is very difficult product to support. You leave a lot to be desired Nature Valley, I see right through your bullshit!

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