What Happened To Romney's Binders of Women?

Now that Mitt Romney has lost the election, the nation's focus turns to what's being done with his 'Binders full of women'. He didn't seem too broken up about not becoming President, I guess I wouldn't either if I had binders full of women at home in an elaborate, labyrinthine basement or something. We never found out if he was referring to binders with pictures of nude women OR large novelty sized binders full of actual human women similar to "The Collector" in that Treehouse of Horror episode of "The Simpsons".

This is not an unprecedented concept.
If Mitt Romney is all too eager to return home and never be seen again, there's a good chance the latter assumption could be correct. And if that's the case then President Obama owes it to those poor women to send in an operation team to rescue them. I think the cast of Sesame Street would be all too glad to be involved. My guess is Big Bird would fly at the chance to achieve final vengeance against the one who sought to destroy him and his family. People question the validity of this whole issue, but Romney's binders comment may have been a slip. After all, guilt is one of first mimicable traits cyborgs are capable of learning. If there's even a CHANCE Romney has dozens of human corpses buried under any of his properties that should definitely be looked into.

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