Why is Down Syndrome So Offensive?

Cows get labeled too. That's wrong also.
I am getting sick and tired of hearing people say things like "I am so offended by what you said, I have a son who has Down Syndrome!" Look, lady... First of all I was joking. Secondly, how are you going to stand there and say your son has Down Syndrome? Why is that the first thing that comes to your mind? Shouldn't he just be your son? Sure he has a condition and he's been courageous enough to battle through it, but does that mean you have to wear a t-shirt that says it? HE doesn't. No one should be labeled! One lady said to me "I have a son with Down syndrome, but he doesn't look it." Doesn't look it? What is IT? I don't understand what you're trying to say. Are you meaning to say people with Down syndrome are supposed to look a certain way? That's bullshit.

Look, we all need to be able to laugh at ourselves sometimes. I have Down Syndrome. It's never been fully diagnosed, but I've had my suspicions. I don't ever mention it because I don't feel that's important for people to know, though many have guessed. I take pride in having Down syndrome, it's nothing to be ashamed of AT ALL. But when I see people who try to shoot from the hip at whatever they deem offensive I can only help to think that it's part of the problem. Of course whatever offends YOU personally is more important than what other people find humorous. Hitler found Jews offensive and look what happened there. Maybe just because things are offensive to us doesn't mean we have to destroy them. Maybe we need to understand and find out where they're coming from first. If the source is pure, as I am, then there should be no issue.

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