Can Neti Pots Kill You?

Can Neti pots kill you? The short answer is YES. NETI Pots or The Need for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence Pots are genie lamp things you fill with saline water to run through your sinuses. They are called such because aliens need to show up and save us from this ridiculous behavior of "nasal irrigation". But if Oprah likes these nose bidets how can they be deadly? Neti pots CAN be deadly if pure water is not used. The people who had their brains eaten alive by a deadly amoeba were victims because they used tap water in their genie lamps. If you're going to use one of these things make sure to use bottled or boiled water. If you do use boiled water just make sure it cools down first otherwise that could be OUCHIES! Better yet, don't use these things at all. Clearly if there's a chance of getting a brain eating virus in your head you should just deal with the sniffles the old fashioned way, by blowing your nose into your neighbor's swimming pool and hiding in a nearby bush giggling as they scream "JELLYFISH!"

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