Celebrities Helping Hurricane Sandy Victims

It's great that certain celebrities have decided to devote some of their time to help people affected by Hurricane Sandy, but I don't think the news should make it a point to single them out for praise. Yes they should be recognized for helping, but no more than any normal person or military service member who's working for the cause. Their influence is just as inspiring as some dude who decided to drive in from another state to hand out meals. If you're going to thank someone by name personally for their charity then you should do the same with everyone. Make a stone monument with all the names carved into it if it's so important that we notice who's helping. If these celebrities are helping out of the goodness of their hearts then they would agree with me on this so let's cut the shit! Are some celebrities helping just for the PR? Probably. Does that really matter as long as they're doing the work? Not really. Regardless, it's unfair that they are being deified while your random citizen doing the same thing is not. Oh yeah and as always, remember to wear a condom.

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