New Pepsi Can Help People Lose Weight

Pepsi has come out with a soda in Japan that contains indigestible Dextrin which has been scientifically proven to block fat absorption in rats. It's not available in America yet because that'd be an obvious market. Why don't we just sell it in Japan where obesity is running rampant and threatening lives every second... Seriously, Japan? That might be 2nd only to the entire continent of Africa on a list of places that LEAST need a fat blocking soda. The curious thing about Dextrin is there are no dangerous side effects, it seems to be a perfect ingredient that helps constipated people shit without cramps and provides a substitute to gluten for people who get diarrhea from bread. There has to be something wrong with this. Nothing can be perfect. The average American consumes around 50 gallons of soda per month, so if you replaced regular Pepsi with Japanese No-no Fat Pepsi what would happen? Would people's intestines become clogged with a sticky goop made of indigestible Dextrin? Only time will tell! The problem is, if this new Pepsi really does work then it might lead to people being skinnier and living healthier lifestyles and that would actually end up HURTING Pepsi and their other junk food brand partners. It really doesn't make sense for Pepsi to ever sell this fat blocking soda in America unless it's a niche marketing ploy toward people who are already skinny, like Japan.

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