Fun Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole Prank

Thanksgiving is the holiday of pranks and one of the best Thanksgiving pranks has to be inviting a bunch of hobos to your family's house. It's a great prank because not only is it fun to see how your family reacts, but more importantly it helps people. It feels really good to give people a great homemade meal and when it's on Thanksgiving it feels even better. The trick is to get as many hobos as you can and have them all blow their nose in a big cooking pan then pass around the pan and have each person pick off a scab and toss it in, shake dandruff in it, and masturbate onto it. When your aunt asks what it is tell her you brought Green Bean Casserole. Of course if there are any young female hobos (which is not as common) you can have them menstruate in an empty tin can and let that coagulate then tell everyone it's cranberry sauce. Isn't Thanksgiving fun! So what do ya say? Get some hobos to come to your Thanksgiving! And I mean "come" two ways.

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