Why Is Everyone Taking Photos of Their Food?

A Deadly Treat
It seems like everyone and their estranged Asian stepuncle are taking pics of their food either at home or at restaurants and posting it on social media sites. The bottom line is, it's fun to take photos of food and show them to other people. I get so carried away sometimes I go around to other people's tables restaurants and photograph other people's meals while they're not looking. Sure taking photos of food is fun, but is looking at them fun? 25 out of 25 homeless people I have shown my food pics to on my iPhone have said no.

The only problem I have with the food photo craze is that with mobile phones it's just too easy for anyone to do it. All you need is a damn phone! Back in my day you needed a Polaroid camera and everyone at TGIFriday's stared at you like you were a fucking lunatic! Then you had a bunch of hard copy photographs of food scattered around your apartment and your family and friends thought you were mentally ill. Now it's all hidden on some stupid little phone thin enough to hold between your asscheeks. Try holding a Polaroid camera between your asscheeks some time. It's difficult.

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