American Politics is Exactly Like The NFL

You could say President Obama is like New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. They're both part-minorities, both came from illustrious schools and were drafted with a lot of hope. They've got solid ability, but for whatever reason just haven't been able to put together a long string of successes. To be fair, the Jets wide receivers (Congress) have dropped a lot of passes and have not been in a good sync with the leader and it's hard to win when that's happening.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is like Tim Tebow. They're both Mormon, they point to their brief achivements in the West (Tebow in Denver and Romney in Utah) but ultimately they're not quite what the team needs. Tim Tebow's throwing is similar to Romney's foreign policy. When it comes to dealing with matters far away it's not their strong suit. The strong point of Tebow and Romney is seen to be running the ball/running the economy using the Wildcat or trickle down economics, two plans that have been proven to not work for very long.

The real problem we face as a nation is, regardless of who our quarterback is, we're still the Jets. The infrastructure and so much of the system in which we operate is fucked beyond belief and when that's the case we can fool ourselves as much as we want, it really doesn't matter who's taking the snaps. All we can do is throw a hail mary up and America decided the best guy to throw the ball would be Mark Sanchez.

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