Mitt Romney's Sesame Street Thanksgiving

It all makes sense now. Mitt Romney was having trouble finding a Thanksgiving turkey big enough for his entire family so he targeted "Sesame Street" in the hopes he could easily capture a homeless Big Bird. If you thought repairing the American economy was a big job just imagine basting and stuffing that giant son of a bitch! It would seem that after losing the election, Romney had plenty of time on his hands and the pent up energy to burn. We cannot yet confirm that Romney and his family have actually caught or eaten Big Bird, but the rumors are swirling. If it did happen then when you add this to Elmo quitting after rape accusations, this would be one of the worst weeks ever on Sesame Street. What's next? Is Mr. Snuffleupagus going to get trunk cancer?!

R.I.P. Big Bird

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