Hostess Bankruptcy Is Huge Setback For Recreational Weed Advocates

Coming off an immense high after Amendment 64 was passed in Colorado, many potheads awoke at 5 PM today to the news that Hostess had gone out of business. Like any real stoner knows, nature is a balance. When one great thing happens, often a tragic thing will follow to level out the tides of the universe. The question must be asked: Could weed smokers have kept Hostess in business if recreational weed was legal all across America? The answer of course is YES. If recreational weed had been passed earlier in all the states it was up for vote in then the subsequent boom in Twinkie sales could have kept Hostess afloat. Pot smokers really dropped the ball on this one, but maybe this is enough of a hit to wake them up this time.

If weed enthusiasts do not work harder to get recreational marijuana legalized across America then many more snack cake companies could be at risk. Little Debbie is shitting in her shoes right now. A lot of weed users are against legal recreational weed because that would put their friends and cousins out of business, but with the death of Hostess perhaps they will see that there is a greater threat looming. We don't live with an economy like the 80's or 90's where you can just sit around watching "Nick Arcade" stoned off your ass eating Slim Jims till the cows come home. There need to be more people doing that and thanks to the health movement brought on by Michelle Obama and her ilk, many more beloved crapfood companies are at serious risk of extinction. Haven't you ever wondered how Slim Jim is still in business? They could be next for all we know! It's time for potheads to get off their asses for the one thing they only ever get off their asses for and that's munchies. If they don't, we might all one day be doomed to a life of jogging, Xanax, and fruit salad.

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