How Do I Tell If Spaghetti Is Done Cooking?

People in the culinary world argue about the best way to judge when spaghetti is cooked just right. Some people say you should take handful out of the pot and throw it against the wall to see if it sticks, but I've found the best way is to take a piece out and eat it. Then based on that you can decide whether it needs to be cooked longer. I guess if you want to look like a lunatic you can throw the spaghetti against the wall. Throw some up onto the ceiling while you're at it. If it sticks then it's done. Just make sure to throw it up over the pot so if it's not ready it will fall back down into the pot and you won't waste pasta. Just don't throw too much because then it's ready, but it'll all be attached to your ceiling and you'll have to pull a stepladder out with a spatula like a goddamn psycho. If that's too much you can always throw the pot of spaghetti into someone's face and if they comment the pasta is a little too tender then you know you ruined it and should try again.

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