How To Start Your Own Dating Site

It doesn't matter who you are, a baby, an elderly person, a bobcat, EVERYONE wants to be the next eHarmony or J-Date, but it's an incredibly daunting feat to form your own dating site from scratch without everyone thinking you're just some creepy freak trying to meet future murder victims under guise of an upstart dating website. The first thing you need is professional looking graphics for the site and the second thing you need is success stories. This is where it becomes tricky. Dating sites rely on word of mouth advertising considering it's a shady business to begin with. You never know if an unknown dating site is being run JUST by murderers because even if there was such a site, no one lives to tell about it. It's ingenious in that way, but never mind that, the idea here is to NOT look like you're doing that.

My strategy has been to go on dates I arrange on current, respected dating sites and use the date to tell people about my NEW dating site called Lonely Motherfuckers. Usually they're somewhat open to the idea of switching dating sites considering the one they had been using brought them to me... I think I may have to change the title though, it's a work in progress. The nice thing about this type of advertising is it really gives you a chance to sit down one on one with someone and build an audience from the ground up, and it's surprisingly easy to get these "dates" when you don't give a crap what the person looks like since fornicating is not your ultimate goal here. Alright who am I kidding, this isn't going to work. I'm never going to be the next Jim Szwieker! Yeah Jim Szwieker, the founder of Match.com!

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