Israel's Conflict with Hamas Now Full-Scale War

It appears now that Israel will soon go to full scale war with the Islamic resistance group known as Hamas in the Palestinian city of Gaza. It's crazy to me how Israel can be at war with a group called "Hamas" when "Hamas" sounds so much like "Hummus" the delicious chickpea based spread that is very popular in the Mediterranean. That'd be like if Texas ceded from the union, changed its name to "Meyonaise" and started launching rockets into blue states. It seems ridiculous when you put it THAT way, but when conflict goes on for so long I guess it feels normal after awhile. I can relate to that. I was getting tired of my hand slipping off toilet paper when I went to wipe and having my hand slip into my butt, so I switched to sandpaper and that felt VERY ODD. But since then, my anus has callused and the sandpaper feels just like Cottonelle. Fact of the matter is I wipe my ass with sandpaper and that's weird, but it's not costing any lives. I think Israel and Hamas need to look at themselves in the mirror and realize what they're doing is wiping their own asses with sandpaper in a sense. Then again, sometimes it can be easier to go with the crude and brute answer over finesse and care. That's the real reason this is happening. Remember to use condoms, folks!

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