Columbine Killer's Mom Prayed For His Suicide

In an interview for some book, the mother of one of the Columbine shooters said that when she heard there was a shooting and her son was a suspect, she prayed for his suicide. That's an odd thing to pray for. The thing about praying is, you can pray for ANYTHING. Why not pray that what she heard was just a lie or that everyone magically recovered from their wounds? No, she chose to pray that her son kill himself. Prayer answered! Funny how you pray for the things that are incredibly likely... This woman had previously claimed in another book that she had no inkling her son was suicidal. So if you never had any idea this kid was capable of suicide and he needed to be locked up in an asylum to protect others, how could your first thought be that he commits suicide? If suicide is a recurring theme in a household then I could understand that, but to just jump right into suicide as a prayer request, that's a bit much. The fact of the matter is Columbine is old news and this lady needs to stop making books. You don't see the Virginia Tech shooter's mom writing essays for Oprah's Book Club! I mean she probably doesn't speak English, but even if she did that wouldn't happen because normally when your son goes off on a killing spree you try to avoid being in the news from then on out.

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