IKEA Used Forced Labor In Germany?

Furniture corporation IKEA is apologizing for using slave labor in East Germany in the 1980's. Who would have thought Swedish people were capable of such behavior? Aren't Germans usually the aggressors? And what were the laborers doing exactly? I thought all the labor that IKEA furniture requires is on the part of the customer. You basically get a set of wooden slabs with holes in them, that little Allen wrench, and a piece of paper that says "Good luck, fucker!" in Swedish. But if you're like me, you end up just gluing everything together with Elmers and making your own frankenshelves that fall apart and break your antique glass dildo collection. Where's the East German slave labor when you need it!? I don't know why IKEA would choose now to apologize for some shit that no one would have known about anyway. I guess because no one really cares. No one's going to avoid IKEA because they used slave labor in Germany more than two decades ago and IKEA knows that. If IKEA is going to apologize for anything it should be the fact that a trip to their store basically requires and entire day of your life. Shopping for a lamp and a dresser should not require a sherpa. Bottom line, apologies mean very little. IKEA needs to do the right thing and invite all those slave laborers to live inside IKEA. Let them sleep in any of the beds they want with unlimited meatballs for life. It's the only right thing to do.

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