Hostess and Israeli-Hamas Talks Fall Through

Yesterday it seemed like everyone was hopeful Israel could reach an agreement with Hamas about a cease fire truce and since then air strikes in Gaza have continued into the night. To make matters even worse Hostess negotiations with the Twinkie labor union have failed and now Hostess definitely will proceed with bankruptcy. What the hell is going on here? What is wrong with people? Everyone knows Hostess should stay in business and everyone knows Israelis and Palestinians should stop killing each other, (well except for health nuts and anti-Semite folks) and still these groups can't come to terms. I think the perfect solution to all these problems would be for Hostess workers to go back to the factories and bake their diabetes cakes then sell them through a special promotion where a portion of the proceeds go to benefit victims of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The funds created would not only help human lives overseas, but more importantly save Hostess from being liquidated. If this were to happen then both Israeli and Palestinian supporters would be donating to the same thing in the name of obesity and perhaps that gesture could unite humanity under the warming blubber of hope.

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