Best Thanksgiving Costume Ideas

Pictured: Guy Fieri.
Thanksgiving is almost here and that means you need to find a good costume to wear to your family's dinner to scare everyone into leaving early. It's important to change it up every year to avoid being boring. A lot of people think Thanksgiving is about the food so they come in the same costume every year. For instance, my aunt is probably dressing up like a whore again. As for me I think I'm going to go as either Guy Fieri or an alcoholic that causes a scene and throws the turkey on the floor for the dogs to eat. Because when you think about it, Thanksgiving is the most cruel holiday for dogs around. It's like being an alcoholic designated driver at a party. Well EXCUSE ME if I let them have a few keg stands. I just hope to god no one tests me, because I WILL knock a bitch out. It's Thanksgiving, the season of giving concussions is upon us!

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