Can Pre-Gaming Before Going Out Kill You?

A new study has proven that people have a tendency to die more often if they engage in the act of "pre-gaming" or drinking before going out to avoid buying overpriced alcohol at bars and restaurants. The study showed that people would end up drinking just as much as they would after pre-gaming compared to if they had not because they're drunk and that's what drunk people do. The study went on to conclude that an even bigger problem might be pre-pre-gaming which is the act of drinking before going to someone else's house to pre-game. Even worse would be pre-pre-pre gaming which is drinking first thing in the morning. Then there's post-gaming which is drinking AS you're vomiting into a toilet and of course the absolute worst would be post-post-gaming which is of course drinking the alcoholic vomit you just threw up. The bottom line is alcohol is deadly and every study that's funded to determine just how deadly should be scrapped and the money should be given to the victims of drunk drive murders or something. I don't think we need anymore dumbass scientists telling us alcohol is bad and the fact they get paid to study this shit is almost more of a problem because they're benefiting from how deadly it is.

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