PETA Doesn't Want Obama To Pardon Turkeys

The President of PETA asked President Obama NOT to pardon two turkeys from being slaughtered because it "makes light of turkey slaughter". Does pardoning two turkeys really make people take turkey slaughter any less seriously than if they weren't pardoned at all? The President is saving two turkey lives. If animals are so important then surely saving two lives is worth the effort no matter what. Why don't we ask those two turkeys if they want to be pardoned or not. Isn't the whole point of treating animals ethically to respect the feelings of animals? All turkeys care about is their own lives, they have no consciousness of the overwhelming genocide affecting their species and it's probably best if we keep it that way. No one wants to eat a psychologically damaged Holocaust turkey. Maybe PETA would have preferred John McCain won in 2008, died in office and let Sarah Palin become President because she damn sure wouldn't be pardoning any turkeys. Why would PETA ask to end this tradition instead of ask to add more turkeys to the list of those pardoned? Wouldn't that be a more proactive and realistic approach? You can keep adding a turkey to the list every year until one day there are thousands of turkeys being pardoned and Thanksgiving becomes a day of victory for the turkey liberation movement.

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