Thousands of French People Protest Gay Marriage

The streets of France were filled with tens of thousands of people protesting their government's plans to legalize same-sex marriages. France protesting gay marriage? Sorry, but isn't France one of the gayer countries? You can't be holding baguettes, smoking cigarettes all effeminate with a pencil thin mustache and a beret while riding a bicycle and protest gay marriage. That's highly hypocritical. France protesting gay marriage is like Germany protesting shit-eating porn. I mean yeah I can understand why you might be against it, it's not for everyone, but at the same time, it's an unfortunate stereotype that you're synonymous with for whatever reasons. I guess it's nice to see French people fighting for something again, but don't worry gays, they'll probably surrender soon enough.

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  1. French protest against adoption and medicaly assisted procreation for gays. French heterosexuals don't marry anymore here so marriage is not the problem