61 People Trampled to Death in Human Stampede

Sixty-one individuals were run over and killed by a mass of other people in the Ivory Coast recently. This horrible tragedy raises a lot of questions about stampede control and humans running in mass formations. Being in a stampede is very dangerous, especially at a nightclub where there may or may not be several large transvestites wearing high heeled boots. That is definitely not a situation you want to be in, but whatever the case may be, if you're in a stampede there are a few things you need to do...

First, remain calm and run with the stampede, don't go against it because you'll be knocked down and run over. The key to surviving a stampede is to keep pace with the stampede and then in a swift motion jump onto the person in front of you. Doing this will either knock the person down and into more people causing the stampede to collapse OR less commonly you may be able to climb on top of the stampede and begin riding it like crowd surfing at a rock concert.

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