People Acting Like Human Statues

For some reason there's this huge influx of "human statue" street performers these days. If you look online there are literally thousands of videos of these human statues from all over the world. Remember when street performers had to actually do something like breathe fire or juggle while on a unicycle and avoiding the rocks you were throwing at them while screaming "Go to hell you mime freak!"? Well now I guess it's perfectly acceptable to just paint yourself to look like marble and stand in the middle of a park doing jack shit so people can stare at you all day.

I really don't see the appeal in the human statue. If I want to see someone standing completely still I'll stare at myself in the bathroom mirror for five hours every morning, oh wait, I already do that. Personally, I find "Statue Humans" more impressive than human statues. For those of you who don't know, statue humans are actual real statues who try to blend into normal human life by going to work and raising a family, etc. Now THAT is a sight to see. I'd throw a dollar in a hat for that. If anything, to help the kids of that stone freak that society will never fully accept.

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