Names That Babies Shouldn't Be Given

A lot of normal names people have just don't seem right when you apply them to a baby. Here are the top 6 common names you shouldn't give to a baby:

6). Winifred - This is the name of a woman who's about to pass away, not a person about to start life.

4). Don - Anything that sounds like the name of a biker shouldn't be given to a fetus.

3). Donna - Even the female form of Don doesn't sound right for a baby.

3). Leon. - Leon is not some shit you name a baby, I'm sorry.

2). Jan. - Everyone knows someone named Jan, but meeting a baby named Jan is just flat out wrong. Even using the longer form "Janice" doesn't help very much.

1). Walter - Walter is a weird name in the first place, but on a baby it's even stranger. When someone says "Hey I have to go change Walter's diaper" you assume they're talking about an old man who shit his pants while playing Parcheesi.

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