Do Ghosts Wear Clothes?

Most of the time when you see videos or photos of alleged ghosts captured on film they're always wearing a t-shirt and trousers or some form of clothing. That seems suspicious to me. Is there such thing as spirit clothing? When you die and become a ghost are you stuck with the clothes you died in? When you're a ghost you can't really put clothes on so I assume you can't take them off either. I think it'd make more sense if you were naked as a ghost, but then you'd probably see more ghost photos of super pale translucent naked people. Maybe it makes sense that you're trapped in the clothes you last wore as a ghost because that's an imprint of your final moments alive. If that's the case I just hope to god I die in something cool looking and not in women's lingerie or something that I happened to be trying on as a joke for two seconds in the attic.

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