Why Do NFL Sideline Reporters Exist?

The only thing stupider than having cheerleaders freeze their fully clothed tits off at winter playoff games is sideline reporters. The thing I don't like about them is anything they report is always hearsay. It's always "I spoke with Pete Caroll at halftime and he said blah blah BLAHHHHH". They never have any evidence to back up what they're reporting, but the reason they don't have evidence is because they don't need any since what they're reporting is so stupid and trivial it doesn't even need to be reported in the first place.

We live in an era where you can easily record video of a coach in a locker room giving a one sentence interview, but doing that would highlight how useless the information is. Oh you're going to try to commit to the running game more in the second half? What a revelation! Glad I have that information! If they had a little video of that playing in the corner of the screen once the 3rd quarter started you'd think "Who the fuck cares?" Instead some random woman they just pulled off the street says it and it's something the commentators in the booth have to pretend is important. I understand it's important to involve women in football for some reason, but making them sideline reporters is patronizing and ridiculous.

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