What Happens To Unused Semen?

We've all been there, you're having intercourse with a prostitute when the cops break your car window in, open the door, and bring you in for booking. So my question was always, what happens to all the semen that never got used? Some people believe it eats away at your balls and gives you cancer, but frighteningly enough no one really knows what happens to the semen, not even doctors.

The most agreed on theory is that it's broken down inside the body naturally and all the elements that compose the jizz are recycled back into the system. Some doctors even say you urinate it out. My grandma always told me the story of the Semen Fairy who lives in your nutsack and how the Semen Fairy makes the "pain juice" to be used for sinning and if it goes unused then she eats it up and makes you sick as a punishment for getting that far into the sin. I have to say this is still my top theory as well since there is no doctor who can in detail tell me what the body does to semen. There's so much science doesn't know, that's why we still hold onto certain ancient beliefs and the Semen Fairy is one of them.

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