Old Plastic Being Recycled Into Fuel?

Scientists in Oregon have figured out a way to convert old plastic garbage into crude oil. This means that one day in the near future it may be possible to fuel your car or motorcycle with all the old worn out, painful, crappy personal enjoyment items in your personal enjoyment item drawer. We all know recycling personal enjoyment items is a pain in the ass, but if there is some way that the personal enjoyment items can be used to help the environment and be burned into the air so that there is no longer any semblance of evidence that they ever existed then I'm all for that.

The other thing this means is my grandma may never have to drive to the gas station ever again. Considering the Nazis used to experiment with feces powered engines during World War II, I wonder if that technology could be combined with the plastic-to-oil technology so filthy personal enjoyment items would be essentially be as powerful as rods of plutonium. I'd love to see someone win the Nobel Prize for that shit.

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