McDonald's Replacing Happy Meal Toys with Books?

Word is spreading around town that McDonald's is getting rid of the toys that come in their famous Happy Meals and replacing them with books. Let's take a look at the positives and negatives.

Positives: Less plastic waste for the environment.
Negatives: When I order a Happy Meal I do it for THE DAMNED TOY!

I'm not sure whether this is a good or bad move for McDonald's because I think what they're doing is trying to turn adults like me off from the Happy Meal forcing us to purchase the adult sized meals with the Big Macs and such, but that might not help business. It might not help because while I might have to turn to the adult meals and spend more money, children will not be buying Happy Meals either. It's no shocker that kids don't like to read. You may as well put a dead mouse in every Happy Meal instead of a book and I think kids will get some better use out of that. Even if kids do read the books, from that point on they'll be associating diabetes and chest pain with reading which may ultimately lead to the destruction of literature in future generations. Rather than a book, they should have chose to include an active toy that is played with in a park like a midget sized basketball or football. Reading is a sedentary activity more so than watching TV. That's not going to help kids stave off impeding heart disease and isn't that the real problem with children eating McDonald's?

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