TD Bank Has Chainless Pens

In an attempt to separate themselves from the competition, TD Bank advertises that their pens aren't attached to a chain. In other news, TD Bank is always giving away free pens. Next time you're passing one and you realize you're all out of pens for the office, don't spend five dollars on a box of pens at Staples, take a bag and fill it with TD Bank's free pens. This decision of TD Bank has the potential to change the pen game forever.

I know a lady who took 37 pens from three different TD Banks in her area and let's just say she's set with pens for awhile. Frankly I don't even know why pens still exist, everything's going to be digital soon enough. That means pens will stop being made and soon enough they'll be rare collectors items. It's almost like TD Bank is giving away free gold. Don't be surprised the next time you're at a TD Bank to see a hobo ransacking the place of all its pens so he can go sell them on the subway.

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