"Gangster Squad" is the "Best Gangster Film of the Decade"

The commercial for the movie "Gangster Squad" says it's the best gangster film of the decade which would be an achievement if it wasn't only just the start of this decade's third year. Even if it was the best gangster film since 2000, that still doesn't mean a whole lot considering the genre of gangster films isn't what it used to be. Being the best gangster film of the decade is like having the best complexion in a burn unit.

I'm surprised they didn't go out on a limb and say "Best movie of the year!" on January 5th. That's like me going up to a woman in the club saying "Hey I'm the best dancer at the retirement home where I visit my grandmother!" She knows that first of all even if it was true that's not a huge accomplishment and second, it's bullshit because a lot of those Haitian and Jamaican orderlies can move pretty well.

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