Least Common Baby Names For 2012

Everyone makes a big deal about the most common names given to babies in a given year, but it's important to review the least common names as well. Here are some of the least common names given to babies in the past year:

10). Neanderthal.
9). Foreskin.
8). Perineum.
7). Wallbert.
6). Grievances.
5). Lizard King.
4). Wicked Shitta.
3). Orphanna.
2). Tilgo Bitchhorse Disorder.
1). Xaranthamas 50/50.

So there you have it, "Xaranthamas 50/50" is the least commonly given baby name of 2012 with a count of 0, narrowly beating out "Tilgo Bitchhorse Disorder" by just one. Now if you'll excuse me, my son Tilgo is crying in the other room.

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