Dumbass Saying: "I'd Like to Thank..."

It's award season and whenever someone's giving an acceptance speech or writing a thesis they have to thank people and often times they'll say "I'd like to thank James" or "I want to thank Quincy, etc." If you'd like and want to thank them so much then why don't you just thank them!? Just say "Thank you, Quincy!" What's so hard about that? Why choose to merely express the wish to thank someone? And why is that an effective and accepted substitute in our culture?

I think the problem is that we don't even listen to what these people are actually saying and because of that the people speaking aren't paying attention either. So if that's the case then honestly it doesn't matter who the hell you're thanking so why don't we just skip this whole thing altogether and cut the Oscars down to five hour runtime? If it's okay for someone to say "I want to thank you" then why isn't it okay to say "I want to say you're welcome"? Yeah that's what I thought...

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