Row vs. Wade?

With the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade coming up on January 22nd everyone's talking about this famous Supreme Court ruling. But what about the other row vs. wade? I'm not talking about abortion, I'm talking about the best strategy when you've had your boat overturned in the middle of the ocean. Do you take the rescue canoe and row into any direction hoping to come upon land or a ship? Or do you wade there and wait, hoping maybe someone will notice you're missing?

I usually refer to what Tom Hanks did in the movie "Cast Away". He Waded AT FIRST found the rescue raft and let the storm take him to the island, but then after a few years he got sick of living there and made attempts to Row off the island. So the answer is wade, THEN row. It worked out pretty good for Tom Hanks, I mean he survived even though that bitch Helen Hunt moved on without him even when knew in her heart he was still out there. But deal with that when you get to it, what's important is surviving. God damn that bitch... So what will you do when your life is on the line, row or wade?

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