Putting Kittens in a Muffin Basket

Have you ever seen a puppy so cute you wanted to wrap it up in a bundle then put it in a muffin basket and drown it? A lot of people report having these types of responses to cute animals and even human babies, it's totally normal. The question is why? What evolutionary purpose does squeezing cute things serve? Is it a defect in our brains? People like squeezing things that are cute and sometimes in our minds we take that too far, that's where the muffin basket and tub of water come into play.

The good thing is most people don't act on these feelings, but we entertain them because that's the human imagination taking an idea too far. Squeezing something that's cute helps to protect it and keep it warm. Of course drowning it doesn't, but for some reason drowning things is sort of fun. That's why when you were a kid you used to try to drown your cousins in the pool all the time and stab them with needles, it's just a sick part of being human I guess. I mean no one would think putting a penis in someone's butt is a sane thing to do, and yet that's a successful Friday night for most people. Some things just feel good and can't be rationalized in a moral context.

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