Ray Lewis Announces Retirement Says His Children Have Given The "Ultimate Sacrifice"

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis has announced that he will retire from the NFL after the upcoming playoffs. In his press conference he said "God is calling him" and that during his career his children "have given the ultimate sacrifice". I know when a sports star retires we like to cry and act like someone just died, but this is ridiculous. The type of shit this guy said might have been slightly appropriate if he were dying of cancer. If you're saying God is calling you then you had better be dying otherwise that's an exaggeration and even if you had a terminal illness that's a bit much. Lou Gehrig didn't say god was calling him he just thanked the fans and that guy knew he was going to die very soon.

Now THAT'S a sacrifice!

Saying your children have given the ultimate sacrifice by not being around you while you make millions of dollars is a ridiculous statement. I'm sure it's been a little difficult for his kids to be away from their dad most of the time, but he's a football star so that probably makes up for a lot of neglect. Then to top it all off we just had an incident where dozens of children were gunned down in Connecticut. I think most people would consider that the ultimate sacrifice.

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