Does Plucking Out Grey Hairs Make More Grow Back?

There's always been this aging married woman's story about how if you pluck out a grey hair it will make more grow back and it's never been fully disproved because by the time your hair is going grey you're old so of course more hair is going to become grey regardless. Other legends say every time you pluck out a grey hair an angel gets raped by a demon, or at least that's what my grandma told me as she laughed in the mirror ripping all of her hairs out. We put her in a hospital, relax.

The trick is to bypass all of this by simply going Brazilian wax. Forget individually plucking out your grey ball and ass hairs, that gets tedious and quite frankly a little disturbing to neighbors if you're doing it out on the porch in the sun as I used to. When you go with a nice wax job it'll clear all the grey out at once and here's a little tip: ask the wax lady if you can keep the tape they use to rip the hairs out. Bring them home and remove all the hairs from the wax and save them up until you have enough to make an awesome Albert Einstein wig for Halloween. If you don't get it done by Halloween, Thanksgiving is always a good opportunity to wear it too. The family will love it! Trust me.

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