Beyonce Lip Syncing Star Spangled Banner: A Nation in Shock

The hostage crisis in Algeria, Michelle Obama's clothing, and Beyonce lip syncing have likely comprised 90% of all news stories this week, but only one of those is actually important and that's Beyonce lip syncing. It's important to ridicule singers for lip syncing because if they're going to just play a recording then why bother even being there? Just put a little stereo on a stool with a mic set up in front of it and let people stand in the cold watching that crap.

It's important for society to take a stand against this nonsense. Write to your congressman and demand that singers performing the Star Spangled Banner agree in writing to sing the song LIVE or face severe penalties up to and including jail time. The societal penalty for lip syncing has to be more severe than the penalty for singing live and screwing up. We can't have these famous singers thinking they can take the easy way out by playing a recorded track to avoid the negative publicity of sounding bad. That's the whole reason they should be famous in the first place! They should be able to sing the shit well! If they can't then that's a sign that they're a phony and shouldn't be given the honor of singing the national anthem at all.

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