ADHD Has Risen 24% in 10 Years

A new study shows that the reported cases of ADHD has risen 24% in the past decade. Meanwhile all people can talk about is women in the military being allowed on the front lines of combat. Opponents to this say it's absurd and wrong, but they seem to be forgetting one thing: lesbians. Your average lesbian is as powerful or more powerful than an adult grizzly bear and if you don't believe me, try getting into a fistfight with one the next time you're out having a few drinks at The Hairy Snatch. I didn't know it was a lesbian bar I thought it was sort of geared toward hippies/Middle Eastern folks I don't like to judge people. I just go to bars to have a good time because everyone knows getting intoxicated in public is the answer to any given problem you might be facing and no I don't drive home drunk okay I ride a pogo stick there. It gets a little difficult after too many drinks, one time I went off a bridge into a ditch by accident. Everyone who saw it thought it was hilarious and I'm sure it would have been to me too if I didn't have a bunch of broken ribs with my lungs filling up with blood. Anyways, what was I talking about?

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