Grandparents Are Going To Have Some Weird Ass Names

"Thanks, Grandpa Evan!"
It's already starting now, but as time passes on even more we're going to start seeing all the kids who were named by stoned baby boomers transition into elderly life. It's going to be a very strange period of transition because no one is used to seeing an old woman named "Jordan" or an elderly man named "Kaden".

How weird is it to have a grandmother named "Kaylynne"? Yeah that's something normal to say... "We're all going to Grandma Kaylinn's house, kids! Get in the hovercar!" "Hey Grandma Kaylynn how are you holding up? We all miss Grandpa Trevor so much." GRANDPA TREVOR is a real guy out there right now and there are about to be a lot more of those. The question is, are we ready to see an old man named "Gavin", "Conor", or "Tristan" snailing down the street with an 80-year-old woman named "Jazmine", "Brianna", or "Ashton"?

Fortunately, most of the people who find this the weirdest will be aging and dying off themselves, but there will be that moment right before you pass away where you think about how absurd it is for people to have a Grandpa Brayden.

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